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Storm Country
The Anthology

Missouri Writers' Guild

The authors:

Gloria Vando
Shaun Jordan
Jordan Smith
Todd Hanks
Kathryn Buckstaff
Kelli Allen
Donna Volkenannt
Cheryl Davis
Michelle O’Brien
Bill Cairns
Cully Bryant
Rosalie O’Leary
Shiloh Peters
Dave Malone
Teddi Doleski
Bev Rohlf
DeAnna Quietwater Noriega
John Cunningham
Jerry-Mac Johnston
Karin Frank
Anne Grady
Anene Tressler-Hauschultz
Roberta Schwinke
Marcus Cafagna
Linda Joyce
Cynthia Reeg
Rebecca Blevins
Carol Fisher
Linda O’Connell
Brett Holcomb
J. B. (Janie) Cheaney
Bill Hopkins
Christopher Limber
Melina Neet
Linda Neal Reising
Lynn Obermoeller
Shirley Rickett
Howard Simms
Bonnie K. Tesh
Pierre J. Moeser
Caryn Mirriam Goldberg
Shiloh Peters
SuZan Klassen
Susan Swartwout
Linda Jarrett
Claudia Mundell
Matthew Brennan
Phillip Ronald Stormer
Nancy Peacock
Walter Bargen
Jane Hoogestraat
Brandon Bond
Niki Nymark
Linda Austin
Linda Fisher
C. D. Albin
Bonnie Stepenoff
Von Pittman
Elaine Viets
Pat Wahler
Cody Sisco
Leah Wahlquist
Hannah Mallard
Hannah Fox
Ryan Burks
Victoria Fishback

When an E-5 tornado struck Joplin, Missouri, on May 22, 2011, part of the major devastation to the community was to school buildings in the Joplin R-VIII School District. Among these were libraries of four schools, along with the district’s Teacher Resource Center.

In a collaborative effort, the Missouri Writers’ Guild and its Joplin Writers’ Guild chapter, the Missouri Humanities Council, and Mozark Press present a collection of the region’s writers and poets who contributed their work as a fundraising effort to restore library resources for the Joplin School District. Inside are contributions ranging from Missouri and Kansas poets laureate, to a Joplin High School sophomore, to a 2011 Pushcart nominee, to sixth-grade students from Fair Grove Middle School. Most importantly, inside you’ll find the creative voices of the caring community existing within the region we call “Storm Country.”

All proceeds from the sale of Storm Country: The Anthology will go toward books and learning materials for the Joplin school libraries and Teacher Resource Center.


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